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"Our goal is to enable our clients to average a higher net return than they would by marketing their commodities themselves"    



  • Pinnacle Commodities Pty Ltd provides growers with market opportunities they may not otherwise have. Pinnacle searches for, and negotiates, the best deal amongst the vast array of buyers we have contact with in the market at any one time. Pinnacle provides producers with a cost effective way of finding a buyer with the best price, payment structure and delivery time to suit individual needs. In a nutshell, Pinnacle Commodities specialises in keeping abreast of market prices, buyers and negotiating  the best deal for you.


  • Markets change daily, sometimes intra day, and Pinnacle is on top of the action to capture opportunities for you.  Being in the market all the time, enables us at Pinnacle to gain a feel for the nuances of what is happening.  Prices can vary sometimes $5-$20 a tonne between different buyers.  We are confident you will find the brokerage fee well worth the return on the grain and the peace of mind of knowing you have the best chance of achieving the best return for your grain on a given day, and knowing that there is someone looking out for opportunities for you.







Please find below in Archives some correspondence we have published for our existing clients.  This section is used specifically to keep the grower up to date with any advancements in the industry and our views on each season as it progresses.


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