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Trade & End user Services

"Pinnacle Commodities Pty Ltd can provide traders and end users with access to over 600 growers of grains, pulses, oilseeds and cotton in NSW".  "Pinnacle can also assist with implementing most trading strategies."


Today's Market Opportunities


  • Bids sort for new crop sorghum


  • Offer sort for 200mt of prompt 70/10 wheat northern NSW


  • Being both a grower and trade broker Pinnacle Commodities can be a valuable tool for:
  • 1) accumulating grower tonnes,
  • 2) keeping an eye on end market homes, and
  • 3) other trade buying or selling opportunities.
  • Pinnacle Commodities gains an overall market perspective  and provides valuable insight into what both elements of the market are doing.
  • It can also mean keeping your position a little more obscure,  having business through an alternative trade broker.



  • Pinnacle Commodities Pty Ltd is in a strong position to assist in implementing a procurement strategy and accumulate grain direct from growers. As Pinnacle also liaises with traders, we can keep you up to date on what is happening in the market place from growers and traders and provide trade offers as an alternative when growers are absent from the market.




"Commodity Marketing Solutions"